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Trailcollectiv - Together Outside Challenge - COOKINA

Trailcollectiv - Together Outside Challenge

As you know, and especially in today’s economy, messages tend to get lost while we all try to keep our health, family, and jobs afloat.

We tend to forget that the smallest things can make a difference.

With COOKINA, making a difference is an easy step, and what better way to spread that message than through Moms who team up online, without ever meeting each other, to help build community awareness for eco-conscious and active families.

We donated our time and our Reusable ZipRRR bags for this wonderful initiative. 

We urge you all to take part in their challenge and go outside, breathe our wonderful fresh air that only Canada and its majestic beauty can offer us in such abundance.

Follow,, encourage others to take up the challenge: TOGETHER OUTSIDE CHALLENGE and Help Raise Money for Take Me Outside non-profit!

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