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Millions of single-use products have been saved from going to the landfills since our beginnings, thanks to a collective effort to adopt reusable COOKINA products

Thank you for showing confidence in our Grilling, Baking, Cooking and now, Storage products . Thank you for supporting us in our mission as we continue to dedicate all our efforts to offer you concrete solutions for a future without single-use products 




Since its beginning, our mission at COOKINA has been to bring to market economical and environmentally friendly products.

It has always been our goal to make baking, grilling and general use of kitchenware easier, while not burdening future generations with the WASTE they generate.

Though the current buying patterns of consumers is slowly shifting, the younger generations are ahead of the curve in their environmentally conscious buying decisions and will soon influence the current generational thinking.

All our reusable products can be used as an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to expensive parchment, wax, and aluminium papers as well as single-use plastic and paper bags. Be Smart, Reduce Waste!



During the course of an independent, unsolicited and unsubsidized study on the life cycle of products (COOKINA vs parchment paper), the following conclusions have been reached:

Because COOKINA is a reusable product, the environmental impact of bringing the product from its origin to the consumer is far less than for single-use products like parchment paper.
During the manufacturing process of the parchment paper, it is treated with sulphuric acid. This has a huge impact on the environment that cannot be reduced.
As far as packaging is concerned both boxed products have a comparable environmental impact in terms of fabrication, but again COOKINA, reusable mat is equal to 31.5 boxes* of parchment paper. Plastic and blister packaging have an even greater negative impact on the environment.
Since COOKINA needs to be washed with soap and warm water, this has the most impact on the environment. However, this impact can be minimised and practically eliminated by using ecological soap or by washing the mat along with regular dishes.


*Based on a 2019 study from the UNIVERSITÉ DU QUÉBEC À MONTRÉAL (ANLYSE PAR CYCLE DE VIE) that found that: one COOKINA product represents 31.5 boxes of aluminium foil or wax paper

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