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BBQ season is finally upon us! by Le Fit Cook - COOKINA

BBQ season is finally upon us! by Le Fit Cook


What better way to start the grilling season than with an Asian-inspired recipe for marinated salmon skewers.

Here's a healthy and tasty way to start spring on the right foot.

Fish lovers beware, this meal will become a must-have in your recipe collection. Simply equip yourself with a BBQ, fresh food and reusable COOKINA marinade ZipRRR bags.

The sweet, tangy, salty and spicy marinade will undoubtedly awaken your taste buds in this easy to make grilled dish. In addition, the interplay between the tender salmon and the crunchy grilled vegetables is very appealing on the palate. Choosing fish as a protein is a great way to make a meal lighter and a welcome change from the endless chicken or beef cubes. Let yourself be tempted by these skewers with an up-to-date and versatile style of flavours.

We don't usually cook fish on the BBQ because of its delicate flesh that falls apart at the slightest touch. But with the COOKINA barbecue reusable grilling mat, we are witnessing a real culinary revolution. Every grilling enthusiast will benefit from discovering this practical and accessible cooking tool. Fish, meat or vegetables, nothing sticks and everything is easy to cook with this innovative cooking mat.

This 100% non-stick grill mat provides optimal conditions for a wide range of ingredients and promises unparalleled grilling results.

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