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Want to become a COOKINA fan?

Discover how reusable cooking products will transform the way you cook!

Everyone needs to start somewhere by getting the complete line of reusable non-stick cooking utensil.  Get 1 box of these Reusable COOKINA products at a reduced price and enjoy cooking experiences without the strenuous cleaning chores.  

This kit includes
  • COOKINA PAKS allows you to steam on the grill with the barbecue version or in any type of oven with the PAKS Parchminum.
  • The barbecue mat allows you to grill all kinds of food while keeping your barbecue clean.  
  • Same for the GARD oven-liner that will keep your oven from being smeared by spills.
  • The Parchminum and Cuisine mats will replace costly single-use aluminium, wax and parchment paper as an ecological alternative.

*Kits are already discounted items so no additional offers or reduction code will apply.

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