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FAQ Protect

Please read these instructions carefully prior to using a COOKINA product. Improper placement or use of our products may cause permanent damage to your oven.

Protect your appliances from spills and make cleaning easier!

  • Put a protective layer either on the rack or the bottom of your some appliances to catch all spills

  • Keep you microwave, toaster, gas, convection or electric oven clean


  • Place the sheet on the bottom rack or the one you are using for maximum effectiveness
  • Cut it a bit shorter than the rack's size to prevent blocking heat
  • Place under the element's support only with classic oven with a visible heating element.  Otherwise, on the rack.
  • Remove before using auto clean and use high broil for short periods 

 Suitable products :

COOKINA GARD - COOKINA barbecue - COOKINA club - COOKINA cuisine

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