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You will find here all the general information applicable to all of our products. 


Will my food cook better using COOKINA products?

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Absolutely! We have cooked the same foods in an oven using our non-stick products as well as wax paper, parchment paper, aluminum foil and normal baking pans – each time the food cooked on COOKINA appears far better and is easier to remove. How many times have you perfectly cooked a pastry, cake, flan, fish, etc. To find that it was impossible to remove because it was stuck to the cooking surface? Now that will be an experience of the past; now your perfectly cooked food will appear even better and complement your skills. The catering professionals have known this secret for years, and now you can use it in your own kitchen.

Are COOKINA products cheaper than aluminum foil, parchment or wax paper?

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Yes, our non-stick products are much cheaper than using aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper because our products are reusable. If your COOKINA discolours over time, don’t worry: most non-stick products experience discolouration from food staining or exposure to heat with regular use.

How will I know when it’s time to replace my COOKINA?

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When food starts to stick, it’s time to buy another COOKINA.

How thick is the non-stick coating on the COOKINA products?

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Five (5) times thicker than on most non-stick frying pans; therefore COOKINA is better, non-stick and longer lasting!

Can I use both sides of COOKINA?

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Yes, all COOKINA products are coated on both sides with non-stick material.


Can I use COOKINA in a microwave?

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Yes, with the exception of our New COOKINA ZipRRR Bags, all COOKINA products can be used in the microwave, either under or over whatever you are cooking. COOKINA mats can be cut to size and used to protect the bottom of your microwave.

My frying pan and saucepans are badly scratched; can I use them with COOKINA?

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Yes, our products will extend the life of your utensils by many years.

Healthier Cooking - can I really cook without oil, butter, grease or other fats? What about baking?

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Yes, COOKINA's 100% non-stick coating allows for healthier cooking as there is no need to use butter, oils or sprays.

Can I reduce my calorie intake?

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Yes, COOKINA can reduce your calorie intake because you do not need to add fat, butter, grease, oil or margarine when cooking your food.


Can I use my COOKINA as a cutting surface?

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No. Using sharp utensils will damage the product and could cut it.

Can I cut COOKINA?

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Yes, you can cut our products with scissors and customize to your needs.

What type of utensils should I use with my COOKINA?

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Use either plastic, wooden or silicone utensils.

How to clean your COOKINA?

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COOKINA can be cleaned in the dishwasher, with the exception of COOKINA ZipRRR Bags. You can clean all COOKINA products by hand in soapy water. Be sure to clean after each use. Your COOKINA must not be cleaned with scouring powders.


Use and care instructions

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Before using for the first time, wash your COOKINA with warm soapy water to remove dust. Wash and dry your COOKINA after each use; let your COOKINA cool before cleaning. Wash your COOKINA in warm soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaning powders. Dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. For better results soak your COOKINA before washing and use the scour pad included.

Convenient storage

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After use and cleaning of your COOKINA make sure you store flat or rolled with your COOKINA ring, making it the perfect utensil!


Can COOKINA be damaged by high temperatures?

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Yes. A high temperature can burn food, producing stains and causing your COOKINA to warp. In addition, overheating may result in a loss of non-stick performance. Use only low to medium heat with your COOKINA at all times. A moderate temperature is sufficient for cooking. COOKINA can be used without being damaged up to a temperature of approximately 288ºc (550ºf). This is well above the temperature needed to cook or fry, so there is no problem when your COOKINA is used for normal cooking. Only heating your COOKINA to a very high temperature, with nothing on it, can cause damage.

If COOKINA is accidentally overheated, are there hazardous fumes?

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Any material heated high enough will give off fumes. You should never allow your COOKINA to overheat. Fumes from overheated non-stick cookware, like your COOKINA do not adversely affect humans or household pets with the exception of birds. Since birds have particularly sensitive respiratory systems, they are susceptible to fumes in general. At high temperatures above 288ºc (550ºf), in case of overheating of your COOKINA, the decomposition of PTFE may create gases that could be harmful for birds.

Is it useful to cook at high temperatures with my COOKINA?

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No. Cooking at high temperatures does not result in a significant decrease in cooking time and certainly does not contribute to the quality of the food, so cooking at medium temperatures is highly recommended. Another reason for this recommendation is that high temperature cooking might damage the non-stick coating of your COOKINA.

Why do you recommend low to moderate heat?

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COOKINA is designed to radiate heat evenly throughout so high heat is not needed and may damage the surface. Cooking at the recommended temperature (low to moderate) allows food to cook thoroughly without burning or overheating. Damage due to overheating is not covered under the warranty. Heating non-stick cookware above 288ºc (550ºf) can discolor the surface of your COOKINA or cause it to lose some of its non-stick properties. If an empty non-stick COOKINA is accidentally heated above 350°c (662°f), a temperature that far exceeds what food preparation calls for, the non-stick coating may begin to deteriorate.

Up to what temperature can I heat COOKINA?

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You can heat COOKINA without damaging it up to 288ºc (550ºf). In the case of use in a pan, we advise you to bake at a maximum capacity of 80%. Because there is no exact indication of the temperature on the stove, it is hard to determine when you might exceed 288ºc (550ºf).


What is your COOKINA made of?

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It’s a composite fluoro polymer plastic combining two extremely high-grade compounds coated and encapsulated around a fabric carcass, resulting in a tough, economical, flexible cooking sheet. The basic chemical component is PTFE.

What is PTFE?

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PTFE is chemically inert and non-toxic, although at a temperature of above 288ºc (550ºf) its quality begins to deteriorate and above 350ºc (662ºf) it will begin to evaporate. By way of comparison, butter and other fats used to bake and roast begin to scorch and smoke above 200ºc (392ºf). As a rule to prevent burning, meat should not be heated to more than 288ºc (550ºf). Cooking utensils placed empty on a heated cooking plate can reach temperatures of over 350ºc (662ºf). PTFE was approved to be used in cooking utensils. The research showed that any harm from vapors originating from the excessive heating of an empty pan is less than that of common oils and fats. In our daily life, PTFE is everywhere. In anti-wrinkle creams and treatments, camping equipment and outdoor clothing, carpets and rugs, clothing, dental floss, electrical insulation, fast food containers, furniture, gardening equipment, hair dryers, house paint, kitchen utensils, light bulbs, luggage, medicine containers, microwave popcorn bags, leashes and collars, prosthetic devices and reconstructive surgery— to name a few.

Is the PTFE recognized as a harmless substance?

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The competent health authorities in the USA, Canada, France, Japan and other countries have approved the use of PTFE on cookware like your COOKINA. PTFE is actually an inert substance that does not react chemically on contact with food, water or detergents. It is widely used in the medical field. In fact, COOKINA reduces acrylamide on food.


What is “PFOA”?

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“PFOA” means (perfluorooctanoic acid) and is an agent used in the manufacturing of some PTFE.

Do COOKINA products have “PFOA” in its “PTFE”?

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There is no PFOA detected on any COOKINA product.


Can PTFE damage my health?

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No, trust in the safety of PTFE coated products is based on over 40 years of laboratory tests. What’s more, the cooking sheets have been used worldwide without problems for many years, both in industrial and domestic applications. PTFE is a neutral material also implemented in the human body in various surgeries.

Is PTFE safe to use?

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This product is FDA approved and has been used in commercial applications for more than 40 years. This type of material has been used by every fast food restaurant, bread producer and numerous other commercial food producers since the early 1960s.

Is it dangerous to accidentally eat a piece of the non-stick coating from my COOKINA?

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The coating is designed not to flake in normal use. If COOKINA is treated poorly and a particle of coating is inadvertently swallowed, there is no danger. The particles are not toxic (PTFE is harmless to your health). They will be passed without being absorbed, like any fibre.

Are there any further health concerns to be observed when cooking with COOKINA?

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As long as you handle your COOKINA with care:

– do not overheat it

– keep it clean after use

– do not use sharp utensils

– never leave your COOKINA unattended

– do not overlap


Does my COOKINA last a long time?

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If treated with care, it will last a long time.

What does the COOKINA warranty cover?

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COOKINA is guaranteed against faulty workmanship or materials. The COOKINA ring is our symbol of quality and authenticity and can be used to store your COOKINA after use. This warranty does not include damage due to misuse and improper care. Stains, discolouration and scratches are not covered by this warranty. For more info call us at 1-877-9cookina (266546). Or go to our store locator and enter your zip code for a list of retailers close to you.

Where to find?

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Send us an email ( specifying your location, and you’ll be contacted by either one of our distributors or directly by us. We recommend that you contact the retailer before visiting the store in order to confirm the availability of the product your are looking for.

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