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If you would prefer not to receive a printed copy of the coupon booklet, please email us with a request for eCoupons and we'll send you the coupons by email moving forward.

Let's go over your AKADEMIA! Membership benefits one by one:

toll free number

As soon as you register a valid security seal, you will receive your validation email that will contain our exclusive VIP toll free phone number.


From the entire COOKINA family, you will receive a surprise if you provided us with your birth date in your profile form.


As soon as you register a valid security seal, you will receive your validation email that will contain our exclusive VIP prioritized email address.


Join the fray and register 6 valid security seals to receive a 7th product, free of charge, directly delivered to your door. It's a never-ending loop.


We do not send a lot of emails to our AKADEMIA! members, but when we do, they are really worth reading! Some offers will only be accessible via those exclusive emails, such as free samples of our new products, exclusive sales and contest alerts.

Exclusive coupons

Apon completing your profile form, you will receive, each year, an exclusive coupons for in-store and online offers that are worth over $40

Pay it forward campaign

Take part in our "Pay it forward" campaign and share your COOKINA love with your own troops. On April 28, each year, you will receive an exclusive discount code to share with your friends and family.

exclusive contests

As an AKADEMIA! member, you will be the first to know when we run our big contests! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and take part in our mini-contests too.

Don't forget that registering your product also acts as permanent proof of purchase so you only have to keep the product in its ring, nothing more.   It also allow us to trace back any problem if a production lot was later found not to meet our highest quality standards, for your own safety.  
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