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Celebrating 10 Years together - COOKINA

Celebrating 10 Years together

All Products on shelf with COOKINA 10th years logo

COOKINA®, a Canadian family-owned company that is celebrating its 10th anniversary. designs all its products in Canada and leads the charge in reducing, and ultimately, eliminating single-use products’ harmful environmental impact.

From design to manufacturing and marketing, our work reflects our desire to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our rapidly growing customer base in over twelve thousand stores in eight countries all over the world. In terms of design, safety, and function, COOKINA brings a level of quality that you can always rely on.


For 10 years now, it has always been our goal to make baking, grilling and general use of kitchenware easier, while not burdening future generations with the WASTE they generate. Each of our reusable mats replaces over 30 rolls of single-use Aluminium paper, and as of 2021, this number means we've eliminated well over 400 MILLION rolls of WASTE


Our international reach today has been 10 years in the making. Thanks to a Global Structure & Strategic Partnerships, we have boots on the ground in Asia allowing us to support and manage our DI orders, supply our international distributors and clients all while providing cost savings with the highest quality standards. Our Supply Chain & Quality control is exclusively controlled by COOKINA.

 We are constantly improving our products, so that you can be sure that COOKINA is always at the cutting edge of innovation, and the leader in its field. All our reusable products can be used as an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to expensive parchment, wax, and aluminium papers as well as single-use plastic and paper bags. Our motto: Be Smart, Reduce Waste!



All our products are laboratory tested, FDA compliant, and contain no PFOA and no PBA.

 We have a plan to help us reduce our own carbon footprint within the next 4 years. In today’s store environment, it’s a hard battle to overcome our client’s needs to display our product on shelves to make it easier for their clients to shop quickly, and efficiently. We’ve taken steps where we can and will continue to offer new innovative packaging and display alternatives to those whose missions align with ours.

On the home-front, and close to our hearts, we actively support, and partner local organizations that offer free 24/7 assistance and shelter services to women who are victims of domestic violence.

At COOKINA, we are proud that 75% of our department heads are women. Our leaders are exceptionally strong, positive and have our utmost respect.

 Our values will live on in our 13 products, and in every action we take to bring them to you.

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